Fine Art Portraiture

accutane cost decide Everyone has a phone that takes excellent photos – over 350 MILLION of them are uploaded to Facebook everyday. So what can a professional possibly contribute in a world where everyone is a photographer? Well, as you most likely know, people still want to put beautiful photographic art on their walls. And family members are their favourite subjects. Just imagine…

  • your parents and grand-parents remembered in beautiful wall art, long after they have passed through our lifetimes;
  • individual family members, with special moments captured in their lives as they grow through school, sports, and other activities;
  • your entire family, caught at one of those rare times when everyone is happily sharing a special moment. And this is where we come in – wall portraits that will stop people in their tracks as they experience and share in your special moments; wall portraits that will immediately be the focus point of whatever room you hang them in. And that is what we bring to the table. Call us now to book your appointment.

Lustre Prints and Hand-painted Finishes

can i buy lasix over the counter frameOur standard Modern Laminate finish is a professional lab print on high quality Kodak Supra Endura lustre paper. The print is mounted on gatorboard, and then finished with a laminate spray. Since it is permanently mounted, it does not require glass, and we pair these prints with black leather-wrapped frames. The result is a brilliant, long-lasting, and visually stunning portrait. Our signature product is a hand-painted rendering of the original digital image. We process the digital file by simulating brush strokes, while retaining the realism of the photograph and creating a beautiful hand-painted look. We then print the image on canvas, where it is completely hand-painted by an artist, adding oil-based, contour brush strokes. And of course, we match your portrait with a museum-quality hand-made gold frame, so the result looks like an original oil painting. It is a stunningly beautiful portrait.


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